Recommended Hardware

1. Motors

All of our RC scale models use Brushless motors (especially A2212 motor):

A2212 Motor

Our 1/12 and 1/16 scale builds use this motor. You can buy this motor pretty much anywhere, this is the most common brushless motor.

The model numbers can be confusing since 2212 and 2826 are basically the same motor.

a2212 size 2826 size

  • 2212 - This is stator size of the motor (22mm diameter x 12mm height)
  • 2826 - This is casing size of the motor (28mm diameter x 26mm height)
KV rating of 1000-1400 is preferred

Higher KV will also work fine, but limit the throttle to avoid melting the gears.

a2212 motor 2826 motor

1104 Motor

Our smaller builds like 1/64 scale use this motor.

This runs on less than 5A current. 5-20A ESC is suitable for this motor

1104 racestar motor 1104 dys motor 1104 motor size

2. ESC

A suitable ESC would be required for the BLDC motors. 20A ESC would be suited for A2212 motor. Blheli_S is the preferred choice for our builds. Read more in the Blheli_S section. alt text alt text

3. Servo motor

You can use any 9g servo. Even the common Blue servos will work fine.

MG90S servo is recommeded, they have metal gears and work smoothly.

alt text alt text

4. Battery

Li-Ion, Li-Po batteries are recommended for our builds.


Lithium batteries require a dedicated balance charger for safe operation.

5. TX & RX

Choosing a Transmitter

Any Transmitter and Receiver will work well with our models, it needs be chosen as per your preferences. So here's some basic specs to look for when choosing a transmitter:

  • Number of channels - 6 would be a good start, better to have more than falling short
  • Receiver output - PWM output is required
  • Form factor - alt text AIR & alt text SURFACE radios, Air type radio is more versatile since it can be used for surface vehicles also

What I use

1) Flysky i6S, I bought this in 2017. It is still working great.

2) Radiomaster Zorro ELRS, Has tons of features

alt text alt text