Blheli_S ESC

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Why Blheli_S ESC?


  • Better Low RPM performance
  • Relatively cheap for driving BLDC motors
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easily configurable with esc-configurator
  • Wide range of hardware available


  • They don't have inbuilt BEC
  • Requires a Flight controller or Arduino for configuration

How to configure Blheli_S?

Blheli_S esc can be configured using alt text ESC-configurator

Additional hardware required

Arduino (UNO or Nano) or Flight controller can be used as programmer

  1. Flight controller - works directly with betaflight firmware, no additional flashing required
  2. Arduino guide - use Arduino as ESC programmer

Firmware settings

Since Blheli_S was originally designed for Quads and Helis, we have to change some settings before using them in our models

  • Motor direction - Set to Bi-directional mode
  • Startup power - Start with a low value, then increase as necessary.
  • Low RPM protection - Disable
  • Demag compensation - This is a safety feature, The ESC will cutoff power to motor if the motor is stalled. To be set to LOW
  • Motor timing - Set to LOW, this enables smooth low RPM performance

Powering other electronics

Blheli_S ESC don't have inbuilt BEC like the crawler ESCs You have to buy a BEC to power the Receiver and Servos. Alternatively, You can also use a 5V buck convertor (less than $3). alt text alt text